15 Easy DIY Decor Ideas for a Cozy Cottagecore Bedroom

A perfect cottagecore bedroom is all about creating a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere that embraces the nature of simplicity. Achieving this delightful dreamy aesthetic in your bedroom doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. All it takes is a focus on natural materials, vintage finds, and handmade elements.

This blog post shows the best do-it-yourself-ideas for a cottagecore bedroom that are easy and budget-friendly!

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1.) Dried flowers and herbs

Create your floral wreaths or bundles using dried flowers, twigs, and ribbons. Hang them on doors, walls, windows, or even above your bed for a touch of rustic charm. Lavender works very well and will add a soothing scent to your room. You can use a jute thread with tiny wooden clips to attach the flowers for a more vintage look. Alternatively, you can place the bundle in a jar as a cute decorative piece for your bedstand.

dried lavender bundle in a glass jar

Source: unsplash/ Olga Tutunaru

2.) Candle Holder From Old Jars

There is no cottagecore bedroom without candlelight. Paint or decorate old jars in soft pastel colors, distress the surface, and use them as candle holders. You can also fill them with fairy lights.

3.) Canopy Bed

For a romantic canopy over your bed, you can use sheer fabrics like lace or tulle. As a dreamy eye-catcher, you can also drape the fabric from the ceiling or use a simple canopy frame for an enchanting look.

cozy boho bedroom idea with canopy

Source: pexels.com

4.) Handcrafted Candles

Use herbs, crystals essential oils to decorate your candles. Pro tip: Melt the rests of old candles and pour the wax into old vintage cups for an extra cottagecore flair.

handmade candles with dried flowers in jars for a cottagecore vibe

Source: unsplash/ Olga Serjantu

5.) Organic Bedding

Invest in soft and comfortable cotton bedding with floral patterns, soft pastel colors, ruffles, or subtle embroidery to complement your cottagecore bedroom. You can also buy plain-colored bedding and dye them naturally with flowers, vegetables, and other plants. Layer different textures like quilts, throws, and cushions.

cottagecore cozy bedroom

© @dwelling.small via TikTok

6.) Crystal Potpourri

We all know flower potpourri, but have you ever tried a crystal potpourri? Elevate the vibration of your cottagecore bedroom by arranging your favorite crystals on a trinket or bowl. Place it in a favorable place of the room, like your bedside table or window place. You can also add sea shells collected from your last beach holiday or basically, every item that holds a special memory for you.

different crystals on a trinket perfect for a cottagecore bedroom

© bycagla.com

7.) Rustic Shelving

Build or repurpose wooden shelves to display your collection of vintage books, floral arrangements, photographs, and small decor items.


© unsplash.com

8.) Vintage Book Stack

Gather a collection of vintage books from your second-hand shop of choice. Make sure they look old and used, perhaps a little frayed. Stack them on your nightstand or dresser and tie them together with a ribbon for an old-world appeal.

four vintage books tied together and decorated with dried flowers

Source: unsplash/ Paige Cody

9.) Dreamcatcher

Create a dreamcatcher using twigs and lace, and add your favorite pearls or beads. Hang it above your bed to bring a touch of magic to your sleeping space.

handmade dreamcatcher hanging on a wall

Source: pixabay/ bonbonga

10.) Hanging Planters

To embrace the cottagecore bedroom aesthetic to the fullest, create DIY hanging planters using macrame techniques or repurpose old baskets to hold your favorite houseplants.

green plants hanging in a cottagecore bedroom

Source: unsplash/ Kate Darmody

11.) Nature-inspired Wall Art

Every artwork that contains whimsical motifs, landscapes, or botanical illustrations can’t be missed in a cottagecore bedroom. Pro Tip: Shop for antique frames to display your artwork and add more character and nostalgia to the room.

12.) Selfmade Herbarium

Start by collecting and pressing various flowers, leaves, and plants you like the most. Arrange and mount them carefully on paper or cardstock and frame or display them in vintage frames or glass jars. This will bring the essence of the outdoors into your cozy cottagecore bedroom.

dried flowers on a white background

Source: unsplash/ Victoria Strukovskaya

13.) Handmade Incense Sticks

This one is perfect for a fun afternoon occupation. Crush your favorite dried herbs or flowers in a mortel. Add essential oils and a bit of water and mix everything in to a thick paste. Roll the mixture tightly around bamboo skewers, then let them dry before placing them in a vintage jar or decorative holder for an aromatic touch to your cozy cottagecore retreat. Here you can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your handmade incense sticks.

handmade incense

Source: unsplash/ CA Creative

14.) Curtain Tiebacks

Want to give your windows a charming makeover? Try making your own curtain tiebacks using ribbons and lace! It adds a lovely touch to your window treatments.

15.) Personal Touches

Family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, crystals or any (handmade) gift that is meaningful to you are wonderful elements to add to your cottagecore bedroom and cost you no dime.

cottagecore decor with moon phase hanger, crystals and golden candle holder

Source: pexels.com

Create Your Cottagecore Dream

With these ideas, you are perfectly set up for creating your own cottagecore haven in your bedroom. Let your creativity flow and infuse your DIY projects with love to truly capture the essence of this charming aesthetic.