15 Iconic Halloween Costume Ideas for Women (Inspired by TV Shows and Movies)

It’s the season to get spooky and iconic! Take your Halloween game to the next level this year and dress as an epic female character from a famous TV show or movie. From heroines to sinister villains, this guide with 15 epic Halloween costume ideas for women will amaze and inspire you. Get ready to steal the spotlight and become the star of the Halloween party.

1.) Lisle von Rhuman From Death Becomes Her

Let’s start strong with a memorable character from one of the most iconic movies ever. With her immortal beauty and style, Isabella Rossellini, as the seductive Lisle Von Rhuman, left us all speechless.

In the movie the character wears a beaded necklace as a top. You can easily recreate this look with a nude-colored tube top or bralette and combine it with a statement necklace adorned with giant pearls. Combine it with a form-fitting, floor-length skirt and you’ll be the showstopper at every Halloween event.

Sempre Viva–Live Forever

2.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The best Halloween costume ideas for women are the ones that are super easy to recreate. You can channel the legendary Buffy the Vampire Slayer in no time. With her iconic leather jacket, crossbow, and feisty appearance, you’ll be ready to serve some attitude and surely leave an impression.

Halloween Costume Buffy the Vampire Slayer

3.) Harley Quinn From the Suicide Squad

There are countless Halloween costume ideas for women that channel a crazy and edgy vibe. But one to remember is the infamous Harley Quinn. This playful yet unpredictable character offers endless costume possibilities, from her classic red and blue jester outfit to her “Daddy’s Little Monster” tee. Go extra mad with a baseball bat.

A girl dressed as Harley Quinn with blue and red shorts and jacket. Her hair is also partially dyed in red and blue. Shes wearing knee-high red high-heels and poses with a baseball bat.

4.) Stephen King’s Carrie

This one is a classic and will create an unforgettable presence at any Halloween gathering. Embody the iconic character of Carrie White. The prom night scene is particularly memorable and easy to recreate with fake blood. Apply it around your neck and let it drip down from the hairline to capture an eerie and unsettling vibe. For added drama, carry a small tiara or crown to complete the prom queen look.

Carrie White Stephen King Costume

5.) Wednesday From the Addams Family

Looking for Halloween costume ideas for women that transform you into the ultimate goth girl? I’ve got you! For those who prefer the dark and mysterious, Wednesday Addams is a perfect choice. With her black dress, pale skin, and deadpan expression, you’ll embody the essence of gothic elegance.

A girl dressed as Wednesday Addams for Halloween in a black skirt and top with two braids and black lipstick

6.) Mia Thermopolis From the Princess Diaries

If I had to pick a favorite out of all the Halloween costume ideas for women in this guide, it would be this. Everything about this costume is just *chef’s kiss*. All you need to become a princess for a night is a ballgown and a sparkling tiara. Oh, and don’t forget the iconic headphones and black sunglasses. Edge it up with comfy boots, and you’ll be ready to live out your fairytale dreams.

A girl dressed in a mini ballgown wearing a tiara and headphones as well as black sunglasses. She recreated the character Mia from The Princess Diaries

7.) Cruella de Vil From 101 Dalmatians

If you have a love for high fashion and a wicked streak, why not dress as the stylish villain Cruella de Vil? She is known for her black-and-white outfits and signature monochromatic hairstyle, so creating this look will be nothing short of fun. This also makes a cute duo costume with your dog, if you have one! You will surely make a bold statement and turn heads with this costume.

8.) Daenerys Targaryen From Game of Thrones

Become the Khaleesi of your Halloween party and dress as the mother of dragons. Opt for a flowing white wig and regal attire. Complete the costume with toy dragons for a fully perfected cosplay or dress you pet as as well.

Mother of Dragons Costume Idea a girl dressed in a flowy light blue dress and carrying her cat dressed as a dragon
a woman with a blond wig wearing a Halloween costume of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

9.) The Bride From Kill Bill

There aren’t many Halloween costume ideas for women that allow you to unleash your inner assassin. But as the Bride from Kill Bill dressed in a yellow tracksuit and armed with a samurai sword (a prop, of course), you’ll be ready to take vengeance and look fierce on top. 

10.) Olive Penderghast From Easy A

This one is for my witty ladies! Olive Penderghast from Easy A is the perfect choice for those who want to embody a sarcastic attitude in a charming way! Stitch a red “A” on your favorite black dress or top, and you’ll be the talk of the town.

A girl with red hair wears a black top that has a red A stitched on to recreate the look of Olive Penderghast from the movie Easy A.

11.) Padmé Amidala From Star Wars

If you want to dress as a tough and courageous queen for Halloween but don’t want to recreate the usual basic outfits, Padmé Amidala from Star Wars might be the perfect fit! Get inspired by her iconic white outfit, which embodies her strength.

Padme Amidala from Star Wars Halloween costume worn by a creator from TikTok

12.) Elena Montero From the Mask of Zorro

Out of all the Halloween costume ideas for women, consider this one if effortless but stunning is the vibe you are aiming for. With a Spanish-style dress, a rapier, and a mask, you’ll be ready for an adventurous Halloween party with a romantic aura, á la fearless Elena.

13.) Bella Swan From Twilight

Even though this character currently appears in hilarious memes and parodies, she still deserves a spot in this guide. Because her casual style and facial expressions are so iconic, they can’t be missed at a Halloween party. Another plus is that this costume is super easy to create.

14.) Holly Golightly From Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This distinctive character had to join the ranks of Halloween costume ideas for women in this guide. Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, is the epitome of grace and classic elegance. The iconic look centers around a black evening gown that exudes timeless glamour. This costume idea will not only pay homage to a beloved cinematic masterpiece but also make you shine at every Halloween party.

A girl dressed as Holly Golightly wearing a tight black dress and gloves. She carries pear necklace and black sunglasses.

15.) Mathilda from Leon: The Professional

We started this guide with an extra bold costume idea, we will also end it with an epic and unconventional one. Become Mathilda from “Leon: The Professional.” With a choker, sunglasses, striped green shorts, and a leather jacket, you’ll nail this young assassin’s style in no time. Do this costume it’s justice and carry a potted plant with you as an accessory 😉

Halloween Costume Matilda from Leon the Professional. The girl is dressed in black shorts, a striped shirt, and a green bomber jacket. She holds a plant in a pot.

Bring Your Favorite Character to Life!

Start planning, gather your props, and get ready to make the spooky season one for the books! With these Halloween costume ideas for women, you have a wide range of iconic and unique characters from TV shows and movies. Each one offers an exciting opportunity to stand out at any Halloween event. Strike a pose and have fun!

Special thanks to the lovely creators on TikTok for allowing me to show their great costume ideas.