19 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Your Home

Halloween is the season of tricks and treats. To fully embrace the spooky spirit, why not try crafting your decorations? Add a personal haunting touch to your home with these 19 DIY Halloween decor ideas that are not only easy and fun to create, but also budget-friendly.

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5 Tips to Set the Mood With Halloween Decor

Spooky Entrance 

If you are planning a party, make sure your guests are greeted with a creepy entrance decor. Craft a Halloween-themed wreath with black cloth, faux spiders, and webs. This will set the tone for the Halloween party that awaits your guests inside, and let everyone know they’re in for a memorable night.

Eerie Lighting 

To create a haunting atmosphere, drape different lighting around your space and mix candles with fairy lights in different colors and shapes.

Chilling Graveyard

Extend your Halloween decor to your front yard by creating a fake cemetery with tombstones from cardboard and skeletons. This DIY project is not only easy but also budget-friendly.

Scary Centerpieces:

Add a Halloween touch to your table by using old jars as centerpieces adorned with candles, fake spiders or skulls, and black tulle bands. Complement them with bowls filled with candy and treats for a deliciously haunting setting.

Creepy Table Settings

Creating an eerie dining experience is simple, with Halloween motif table decor and runners, perfect for a feast with friends and family.

spooky decoration for window

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Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

1.) Googly-Eyed Candleholders

Transform old glass jars into spooky candleholders by wrapping them in gauze or cheesecloth, and then adding googly eyes to make them look like tiny ghosts. Place a tea light candle inside for a glow that will set the perfect mood for your Halloween party.

2.) Colorful Potion Bottles:

Fill old glass bottles with colored water, adding glitter and spooky labels. Place them on tables and shelves, or include them in your centerpiece. This DIY Halloween decor idea is made in no time.

3.) Spine-Chilling Silhouettes 

You can create a mysterious vibe in your home by cutting out spooky shapes like bats, witches, or monsters from black construction paper or cardboard. Simply tape them to your windows or walls and you will have a spooky silhouette effect.

window decoration for halloween

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4.) Haunted Mirror

This DIY Halloween decor idea will create an ambiance straight out of a Horror Movie. Write creepy messages on your mirrors by using easily removable markers or lipstick. Or leave a bloody handprint on them with red paint or fake blood.

5.) Tiny Fairy Pumpkin Houses

This is a unique and visually captivating Halloween decor idea. Gather some material from nature, like tiny branches, moss, or leaves. Glue them on pumpkins to create tiny fairy houses. Place a candle or fairy lights inside and watch the magical vibe unfold.

pumpkin fairy house

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6.) Jack-O’-Lantern Balloons 

There is no Halloween party without orange balloons. Draw the famous Jack-o’-lantern face on them with a black marker and hang them around your home.

7.) Hanging Spiders 

Hang plastic spiders or self-made spiders from pipe cleaners from your ceiling or chandelier to create the illusion of a spider swarm. It’s a spooky decor idea that adds drama to any room.

8.) Ghost Candles

Another easy DIY Halloween decor idea, for which you only need long candles and some paint. Place the candles in hot water to make them pliable. Carefully bend the candles into ghost shapes and let them harden. Paint spooky faces on them and your ghost candles are ready to shine.

candle ghosts halloween decor idea

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9.) Floating Candles 

Melt candles and pour the wax into small molds. After the wax has solidified, attach a faux flame on top of each candle. Finally, place the candles in a cauldron or any water-filled vessel to achieve an effortless floating effect.

10.) Glowing Eyes in the Bushes

Collect toilet paper rolls and cut eye shapes into them. Place glow sticks inside and hide them in your bushes or dark corners of your home. When the night falls, the glowing eyes will give a spine-chilling glow.

11.) Witchy Cauldron 

Glue clear plastic balls together to create a bubbling potion effect and place them into a cauldron with fairy lights. Alternatively, place witchy items into your cauldron and put it on display. You can use tarot cards, candles, crystals, or tiny potion glasses with dried herbs. This is the perfect DIY Halloween decor idea for an enchanting hocus-pocus-vibe.

DIY bubbling cauldron

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12.) Hocus Pocus Spell Book

Invite the vibe of the Sanderson Sisters to your Halloween festivities. Recreate the famous Hocus Pocus Spell book and display it on your shelf for everyone to marvel at. There are many super easy step-by-step tutorials to search for on the internet.

hocus pocus spellbook halloween decor idea

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13.) Toilet Roll Bats

Another great DIY Halloween Decor idea with toilet paper rolls. With a few simple folding techniques and black paint, you can turn them into cute tiny bats ready to be hung from the ceiling.

DIY toilet roll bats

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14.) Ghostly Window Clings 

Another simple DIY Halloween decor idea that only requires things you can easily gather. Paint fresh leaves with PVA glue and draw little ghost faces on them. Let the glue dry, then carefully peel it off and stick the tiny transparent ghosts to your window.

window ghosts diy decor idea for halloween

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15.) Ghost Pillows

Glue some yarn in the shape of tiny ghosts on a plain pillow case, and voilà – an easy Halloween decor idea that will look good on every couch.

16.) Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkins are probably THE most used item for Halloween decor ideas. Simply hollow out the pumpkin and insert a plastic cup or glass into it. Use the pumpkin as a vase for colorful and gorgeous Halloween-themed floral arrangements.

17.) Magical Ceiling 

This Halloween decor idea will surely turn heads! By affixing soft batting material or polyester fiberfill to your ceiling, you can recreate fluffy clouds.

There is a non-inflammable material to guarantee safety. You can add little extras that fit the Halloween vibe, for example, witch hats, floating candles, or plastic bats and spiders. There are tons of instructions for this on TikTok which are super easy to recreate.

ceiling decor idea for halloween

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18.) Chilling Cheesecloth Ghosts

Who would have thought that something great could come from a little Mod Podge and cheesecloth? These tiny ghosts are just too cute not to be included in this list of DIY Halloween decor ideas.

cheesecloth diy ghosts

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19.) Book Pumpkin 

Turn your old books into eye-catching Halloween decor. This cute and genius book pumpkin will spice up every shelf.

pumpkin book diy

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Handmade Halloween Decor Will Go a Long Way

Embrace the DIY spirit this Halloween and dive into your creativity. These easy and budget-friendly Halloween decor ideas prove that you don’t need to break the bank for a hauntingly beautiful home. Plus: You can repurpose them every year. Gather some supplies, let your imagination run wild, and let the spooky crafting begin.