22 Fantastic Fall Craft Ideas for Adults and Kids

Every year around this time, we can marvel at fall and its brilliant shades, from red and brown hues to yellow and orange tones. The air becomes cool and we collectively embrace a cozy atmosphere.

It is also the perfect time to get creative together. Whether you’re looking for a fun family activity with your kids or a solo project to tap into the spirit of the colorful season, these 22 fall craft ideas are sure to inspire you.

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General Craft Supplies You Might Need

Before we start with the best fall craft ideas for kids and adults, let’s first list some general supplies you might need for your creative projects.

  • Craft Paper: For most of the fall craft ideas in this post, you will need to stock up on craft paper in various colors and patterns.

  • Scissors: get a good pair of scissors that cuts through different materials like paper, cardboard, or fabric. If you involve your kids, go for safety scissors with a rounded tip.

  • Glue: Keep it handy for different crafting needs.

  • Paints, markers, and crayons: Make sure you have an assortment of crayons, acrylic, or watercolor paints for drawing and coloring your projects. Opt for fall colors like orange, red, yellow, and brown, along with a selection of paintbrushes.

  • Jute Twine, Strings, and nylon cord: This is needed for creative fall craft ideas with hanging ornaments, such as garlands.

  • Natural Craft Supplies: Most of the fall craft ideas in this post include natural supplies like colorful leaves, pine cones, twigs, and others. Gather a broad mixture of everything.

  • Apron: To protect your clothing from paint and glue mishaps, get a proper apron. Alternatively, wear old shirts or sweaters.

  • Other crafting tools: You will have more options and creative flexibility by having multiple other crafting tools at home like standard pencils and erasers for sketching, double-sided tape, rulers, hole punches, candle wax, carving supplies, or old jars.

Best DIY Fall Craft Ideas

1.) Leaf Collage

Gather vibrant autumn leaves and create a beautiful leaf card. You can also make colorful collages, press the leaves between wax paper, or paint them. This will be a beautiful gift card for someone special or a great framed picture for your walls.

fall craft idea leaves collage

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2.) Scavenger Hunt

Create a checklist of fall items for a nature scavenger hunt, for example, leaves, twigs, or acorns. It’s a fantastic outdoor activity for kids. Plus: You will have plenty of nature craft supplies for all your creative fall craft ideas.

3.) Acorn Decorations

Use acorns to make tiny acorn ornaments, and centerpieces, or turn them into elegant napkin holders with a touch of metallic paint.

fall craft idea for table decor

© hudsoncrafted/ pixabay.com

4.) Twig Stars

Collect twigs and craft rustic stars that make great wall and door decorations.

5.) Painted Pine Cones

All you need for this wonderful fall craft idea are some pine cones. Paint them in different colors to create wonderful DIY flower pine cones. These will look so cute in a centerpiece or as a garland. If you glue a safety pin on the back, they will make cute brooches as well.

hanging greenery ceiling decor idea

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6.) Bookmark

Fall is the perfect time to tackle the long list of books to be read. A wonderful handmade bookmark from leaves and craft cards will add sweetness to your reading journey.

fall craft idea DIY bookmark with colorful leaves

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7.) Autumn Fall Globe

A genius idea for your collection of snow globes is this fall-inspired one. It’s made from twigs and colorful leaves and will surely have a captivating effect on your nightstand or shelves.

fall leaves globe

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8.) Nature Bracelets

This is one of those fall craft ideas that can be done as a fun outdoor activity with your kids. Wrap a double-sided tape around your kid’s wrist and go for a nature walk to decorate it. Let your creativity run wild and adorn your bracelets with a mixture of items like flowers, twigs, leaves, feathers, or berries.

DIY nature bracelets

© bycagla.com

9.) Pressed Flower Frames

Gather a variety of fall flowers or leaves and press them between books on craft paper. Put them in a frame and hang your wonderful artwork on your walls.

10.) DIY Fall Kite 

Create a beautiful fall kite decoration using colorful leaves and craft straw hay. Design and decorate it with pumpkins, or other autumn symbols. This fall craft idea is not only a creative project but also provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the colorful season with some outdoor fun.

diy fall kite

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11.) Dried Citrus Garland

Use dried citrus fruits like oranges and lemons to create beautiful garlands. This fall craft idea will look especially good at window places. The daylight will break through the dried citrus slices and wrap your space in a beautiful atmosphere.

fall craft idea dried citrus garland

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12.) Fall Garland

Speaking of DIY garlands, this one will do gorgeous on doors and welcome the cozy fall spirit to your home.

fall craft idea DIY garland for the door

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13.) Pumpkin Carving

With the beginning of fall, Halloween is also around the corner. That means lots of spooky fall craft ideas. Carving pumpkins is probably the most popular one.

girl holding pumpkin

© Jakob Owens/ unsplash.com

14.) Paper Masks

Let your creativity shine together with your kids by making your very own Halloween masks using paper plates, paint, feathers and other spooky items.

15.) Witch’s Broomstick

Craft mini witch’s broomsticks with twigs and raffia straw. These will be perfect as a Halloween party or table decor.

16.) DIY Scarecrow

Celebrate the harvest season by creating a delightful DIY scarecrow. Gather old fabric scraps, hay or straw, and a touch of imagination for this fall craft idea. It not only adds a beautiful autumnal touch to your decor but also provides a fun way to recycle old clothes.

diy scarecrow

© Eric Deeran/ unsplash.com

17.) Colorful Fall Wreath

Create a stunning fall wreath with dried flowers, leaves, pine cones, or other nature craft supplies of your choice.

handmade wreath on a door as a fall craft idea

© bycagla.com

18.) Quilted Table Runner

Sew a beautiful fall-themed table runner with autumn-inspired fabric. You can also use old shirts or sweaters or thrift for fabrics with fall patterns.

19.) Fall Knitting

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up and knit some warm items. The options are endless, from scarves, or mittens, to a chunky fall-themed sweater. Choose yarn in rich, earthy tones to capture the vibe of the season.

cozy knitting

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20.) Handmade Candles

Craft your fall-scented candles with essential oils and colorful wax. Adorn your candles with dried flowers or herbs as a visual delight.

handmade candles with dried flowers in jars for a cottagecore vibe

© Olga Serjantu/ unsplash.com

21.) Potato Stamps

Slice potatoes in half and dip them in paint to create potato stamps on paper. This will also work great with apples or broccoli. Let your kids explore a variety of shapes and patterns with this great fall craft idea.

22.) Candy Corn Necklace

Thread candy corn onto strings to create sweet fall jewelry with your kids.

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Fall Craft Ideas For Everyone!

Choose one of these 22 easy fall craft ideas and fill your autumn with creativity. Embrace the warmth of the season with some family fun, or solo entertainment. This blog post provides wonderful DIY projects for everyone to enjoy with a budget-friendly approach.