28 Insanely Fun Solo Date Ideas for Homebodies and Socializers

For many people, the thought of doing something alone is rather uncomfortable. Questions may arise like: How does that come across when I ask for a table for one? What would they think of me if I bought just one movie ticket?

On the other hand, many people long for more time alone but lack inspiration. What should I do all by myself? What if I get bored? 

This blog post aims to encourage you to open up to the magic of a rendezvous with yourself. The 28 fun solo date ideas will help you fall in love with spending time with the most important person in your life: you!

Whether you are an extrovert or prefer to stay home, all solo date ideas will foster a deeper connection to yourself without the need for external validation.

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What Is a Solo Date?

Picture this: You wake up to a gorgeous day. You get ready at your own pace, leave the house, and find a cozy café after a short stroll. There is a single spot right there where you find yourself enjoying breakfast with a cup of coffee while the sun kisses your face. And while you enjoy the start of your day without any pressure of time, you begin to plan where to go next. A walk through the park? Oh, there is a lovely exhibition at the nearby gallery. Maybe a visit to the vintage bookseller after. Sounds like a total bliss to you? That, my friend, is the magic of a delightful solo date.

A solo date means spending quality time with yourself and activities that bring joy, relaxation, or personal fulfillment. Engaging in solo dates can take on many forms, such as discovering nature, trying out new hobbies, or simply enjoying moments in solitude.

Solo dates highlight the importance of being comfortable in your own company, far away from other people’s expectations, time pressure, and obligations.

These are probably reason enough for a solo date, but there are more benefits to a one-person party.

girl dancing

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Why Are Solo Dates Important?

Prioritizing your own needs and going on solo dates have essential benefits for your mental health. As you take your time doing what makes you happy, you will hold the space for introspection and self-discovery. This will lead to more creative expression and compassion towards yourself. You get an idea of your desires and hence feel more alive and a general appreciation of life.

In her book “The Artist’s Way” the author Julia Cameron suggests setting so-called “artists dates”. These are solo dates that will nurture your creative inner child and keep your artistic juices flowing. Exploring museums, nature walks, or just a cozy coffee shop visit will serve as playmates that help you get out of your comfort zone and foster a more profound understanding of your individuality and purpose.

But before we jump into 28 awesome solo date ideas, let’s first look at how you can prepare for a great day by yourself.

How to Plan Your Solo Date

When planning a solo date, consider your interests and preferences to create a joyful experience.


Take some time to reflect on your interests and things that bring you joy. What activities do you enjoy just for the sake of it? Understanding your desires is key to planning a solo date tailored to your liking.

Set a Fixed Date:

Block off a date in your schedule that is non-negotiable with others. Treat this solo date with the same importance you would assign to plans with friends, colleagues, or family members. This day is yours and yours only!

Marking it on your calendar will emphasize the commitment you place on spending quality time with yourself. Also, if you want to make solo dates a fixed part of your routine, think about their frequency.

Choose an Activity:

This is the fun part. Think of an activity that resonates with you. Perhaps you have a list of things you always wanted to try. A gallery visit, a pottery class, trying a new hobby, or simply relaxing, make sure it’s something you genuinely enjoy.

Don’t be super rigid about it, though. Some people enjoy the freedom of spontaneous activities, while others prefer a more structured plan. Go with your flow!

Set a Budget:

Spending time with yourself doesn’t need to be expensive at all. There are many activities to enjoy on a solo date without breaking the bank. Setting a budget can help you prevent overspending. Focus on the value you’ll gain from the solo date and also consider free events, or take advantage of seasonal discounts or promotions for attractions.

Disconnect and Be Present:

Nowadays, it seems to be quite difficult to be fully present and immerse yourself at the moment. There is a constant temptation to check our phones and social media platforms, but I invite you to disconnect for your solo date and just be by yourself. It will heighten your senses and make the experience of a solo date so much deeper and more meaningful.

28 Memorable Solo Date Ideas You Must Try!

Okay now that we have cleared all formalities, let’s dive into all solo date ideas. Get inspired by the list of memorable indoor and outdoor activities.

Solo Date Ideas to Have Outside

1.) Pottery Painting

This is a cute and fun way to spend a solo date, and it is also perfect for rainy days. Search for pottery painting classes nearby and design your next favorite coffee mug, plate, candleholder, and more.

Painting Pottery Solo Date Idea

© bycagla.com

2.) Thrifting

Is it just me, or does vintage shopping take more time than any other shopping? Browsing through vintage stores slowly and carefully is so relaxing but it also takes more consideration. Try out thrifting as a peaceful solo date without time pressure. It’s so much fun to take your time and contemplate new outfit combinations and breathe new life into vintage items.

Thrifting Solo Date Idea

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3.) Day Trip to a New Area

Is there a place near you that you’ve always wanted to see but never did? Then consider that for a solo date. Maybe it’s a particular neighborhood with great architecture, or you live a few miles from the sea. It can feel very energizing to escape your familiar surroundings for a while. 

    Girl on a city stroll

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    4.) Coffee and Bookstore Strolls

    I admit, this solo date idea doesn’t sound very original, but it is one that always provides calmness and tranquility. Leafing through book pages, sipping a coffee, and forgetting about the world for a while – sounds like paradise to me.

    Solo Coffee Date

    © Tim Douglas/ pexels.com

    5.) Museum Visit

    A solo date is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and lose yourself in historical stories and exhibitions.

    6.) Spa Day

    Book an appointment for a soothing massage, a cleansing facial, or a relaxing sauna session. This solo date idea is like a balm for body, mind, and soul.

      spa day towels and soap

      © Karolina Grabowska

      7.) Hiking in Nature

      For all nature explorers, a long extended hike is a good opportunity to spend time by yourself and keep your body in motion. So lace-up those hiking boots and hit the trails.


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      8.) Volunteering

      Volunteering is a wonderful and fulfilling solo date idea that not only provides a sense of purpose but also allows for personal growth and connection with the community. Research local opportunities and choose a cause that resonates. 

      9.) Collage Making Event

      Connect with others while creating a zine or collage. It is an expressive solo date idea, that fosters self-reflection while crafting something uniquely yours.

      Collage making process

      © Cottonbro Studio/ pexels.com

      10.) Take Yourself to Dinner

      “Table for One, Please”. I understand that this request might feel weird to some but believe me: Treating yourself to a dinner is a classic solo date idea and the best way to combine good food with self-indulgence!

      It is so much fun to enjoy a great meal and observe the people and surroundings around. You will be surprised by all the minor yet meaningful details you notice. Get involved in a great experience!

      11.) Farmer’s or Flea Market

      Local food and the prospect of finding unique vintage treasures is surely a great solo date idea. Farmers’ markets and flea markets usually capture vibrant and busy vibes. It’s a great way to connect with local communities and indulge in tasty treats and scents around you. 

      flea market

      © bycagla.com

      12.) Go Out to the Movies

      This is another classic solo adventure. Choose a movie that truly interests you, no matter if it’s the newest blockbuster, an indie film, or a particular genre you love. This is your chance to indulge in your cinematic preferences without having to compromise.

      13.) Concert and Pub Gigs

      Attending concerts or pub gigs on a solo date allows you to enjoy your favorite bands or discover new emerging artists while also embracing the collective energy of the audience. Don’t be shy to engage with the crowd. Start conversations with others, share your excitement, and maybe even make new connections with people who share your taste in music.

      Concert Solo Date Idea

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      14.) Geocaching

      Geocaching is a GPS-based game where players hide and seek containers called “caches” all over the world. It is an interactive way to explore new places and connect with a worldwide community. As an exception, you can use an electronic device for this solo date idea ;-).

      Decide on a location like a park or urban area and follow the GPS to locate hidden caches. This solo date will take you on a great adventure.

      Solo Date Ideas at Home

      Now that we’ve explored opportunities for extroverts, let’s continue the list with fun solo date ideas for homebodies.

      15.) Cooking

      Nothing beats a delicious home-cooked meal. Get inspired by tons of recipes on the internet, from starters to desserts. A slow and consciously prepared dinner is a great way to nourish yourself on all levels. Also, romanticize every step of your cooking session. Have your favorite drink from a wine glass, use your most precious tableware, and light some candles.

      Cooking Solo Date Idea

      © Cottonbro Studio/ pexels.com

      16.) Online Singing Class

      If there is something positive that we were able to gain from the long lockdown phase in the past years, it is the fact that you can have fun experiences from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to online classes. Why not use the solo date for an online singing class, for example? Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your singing abilities, the virtual world offers many possibilities.

      17.) Netflix and Chill

      A classic solo date idea that never gets old. Just get comfy in your PJs and enjoy a good movie with your favorite snacks. It’s the best way to unwind and dive into another world for a while.

      18.) Painting

      Turn your home into a personal art studio for the day. Painting can be very therapeutic, especially if your brain won’t shut up (where are my overthinking friends at?). Experimenting with colors and different techniques will help you focus on creating, regardless of the outcome. It’s your solo date, so there are no rules—just let your creativity flow.

      girl painting

      © Cottonbro Studio/ pexels.com

      19.) Play Music

      If you have instruments at home, use your solo date for a little jamming session. It’s not about becoming the next Mozart. Do it for the process, improvise, and see where the journey takes you. Sing along to your playing and find joy in the rhythm of your own melodies.

      Playing Piano

      © pexels.com

      20.) Make Jewelry

      Friendship bracelets, cute clay earrings or dainty crystal pendants. The world of jewelry crafting is full of inspiration. Gather your materials from pearls, wires or beads and start your jewelry-making journey.

      Jewelry Making Process

      © Nataliya Vaitkevich/ pexels.com

      21.) Meditation

      If you crave calmness and quiet time, make your solo date all about introspection by meditating. You can start slow with 5 minutes and gently increase your time. Take a break and bring your insights and thoughts to paper. This practice will help you get a deeper understanding of your inner state of mind. 


      © kaboompics.com

      22.) Dance Party

      If quiet and calm is not your vibe, then dance it out! Make the weirdest moves go wild and try new dance moves. Dance like nobody is watching (because really nobody does).

        Dance Party Solo Date Idea

        © Ron Lach/ pexels.com

        23.) Write a Letter to Your Future Self

        I recently came across this website where you can write a letter to your future self that will reach you at a scheduled date via E-Mail.

        What a wonderful solo date idea and opportunity to appreciate the now and look to the future with anticipation and compassion. Give your future self some words of love and kindness. Who knows, maybe this email will reach you at a time when you need your motivational words the most.

        Check out www.futureme.org

        24.) Decorate Your Home

        Infuse your space with fresh energy and think of ways to make it feel more like you. Start by decluttering and organizing, then proceed by adding personal touches to your decor or experimenting with furniture arrangements.

        Home Decorating and Interior Design

        © Deborah Diem/ unsplash.com

        25.) Try New Outfit Combinations

        Have you ever looked at a full closet and said, “I have nothing to wear.”? Well, the truth is you do! You just never took the time to experiment with all the pieces and treasures you own. A great way to spend your solo date is to try new outfit combinations and fall in love with your wardrobe again.


        © unsplash.com

        26.) Take a Bubble Bath

        A nice warm bubble bath works wonders for your well-being. Add good-smelling bath salts or essential oils and let the warm water caress your soul.

        Bubble Bath Solo date Idea

        © Taryn Elliott/ pexels.com

        27.) Puzzle

        Another great solo date idea that will keep you busy in the best sense is a puzzle. Choose a motif that inspires and motivates you to stick to it. Combine it with your favorite drink and snacks, as well as some soothing background music.

        28.) Learn a New Skill

        The ultimate way to spend time alone, apart from the above-mentioned ideas, is to learn a new skill and open yourself up to unknown things. Don’t put things off any longer, find a new sense of dedication. Your future self will thank you for that!

        Plan Your Next Solo Date

        Did the ideas inspire you? Then mark a date on your calendar for a day that works just for you. Whether you go out or stay at home, the time you dedicate to yourself will have a lasting positive impact on you. Remember that a solo date is not about crazy and extreme activities but about self-reflection and reconnecting with yourself and your needs. Don’t hesitate to put yourself first – you’re worth it.