Crystals for Confidence: How to Boost Your Courage and Self

This blog post gives you a handy list of the best crystals for confidence that will make you shine and boost your self-esteem.

Okay, cross your heart, how confident do you feel? Like, on a scale from 1 to 10? On good days, I’d say I’m a solid 8, but honestly, most of the time, confidence is something I really struggle with. And I know I’m not alone.

We hear and read it all the time on TV, social media, and in self-help books: confidence is key. Whether it’s for work, speaking up for yourself, or just feeling good in your own skin, confidence is super important. But it isn’t always easy to come by.

That’s where crystals can help. Just like there are crystals for everything else like love, grounding, good fortune, etc., there are also crystals for confidence and self-esteem.

Let’s explore the 13 most powerful ones and simple rituals on how to incorporate crystals into your daily routine.

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Why You Need Crystals for Confidence?

Crystals are loved not just because they’re pretty, but because they can make us feel amazing. Emotional healing with crystals is a practice as old as time and is often a hot topic of discussion. I’ve come to realize that whatever makes you feel better is worth having and keeping close.

Whether you’re decorating your home, rocking them as jewelry, or using them in your daily rituals, these gems can truly work.

When it comes to boosting confidence, some crystals are like magic and a powerful tool for clearing out self-doubt, strengthening your energy field and personal power, and helping you feel cool, calm, and collected.

Let’s be real, we all need a little pep talk now and then. So why not let the healing properties of your favorite crystal do the trick? Before you dive in and pick out your new go-to crystals, think about what kind of emotional boost you need. The crystals for confidence I’m about to share can help balance different parts of your life and keep you true to yourself.

Amazing Crystals for Confidence

1.) Lapis Lazuli

Ever felt like you couldn’t find the right words or speak your truth? It’s like carrying around a heavy burden that just won’t shift, leaving you feeling less than great.

Lapis Lazuli steps in like your wise coach, lifting that weight, clearing your mind, and boosting your confidence. This powerful gemstone is all about wisdom and truth, empowering you to speak up and trust your inner voice.

How to use Lapis Lazuli:

To make your communication skills shine, take a few moments to connect with a Lapis Lazuli stone in a quick meditation. Let its energy flow through your throat chakra and your third eye chakra. It can give you strong intuition and inner strength.

It’s like having a supportive friend by your side, guiding you towards speaking your truth with mental clarity and conviction.

lapis lazuli crystal for confidence


2.) Carnelian

This gem is like a shot of espresso for your soul, waking up your creativity and igniting the fire in your belly. It’s the perfect antidote for mental exhaustion often caused by self-doubt.

Carnelian is one of those confidence-boosting crystals that enhances courage, making it an excellent companion for pursuing your goals and dreams. It also helps overcome fears and deep emotional wounds, allowing you to embrace new opportunities with optimism.

How to use Carnelian:

If you plan to tackle a new project, keep Carnelian close by – whether on your desk or worn as jewelry. It’s like having a little dose of inspiration right at your fingertips, ready to push you forward.

carnelian crystals for confidence


3.) Black Tourmaline

Sayonara, bad vibes! That’s exactly what Black Tourmaline screams from the rooftops.

Known as a protective stone against negative energy, it promotes a deep sense of security. Perfect for those moments when it feels like the ground beneath you is shaking — metaphorically, of course.

Black Tourmaline helps you stay grounded and confident in the face of adversity.

How to use Black Tourmaline:

As a pretty sensitive person, I always keep Black Tourmaline with me when interacting with others. I tend to absorb other people’s energy and negative thoughts like a sponge.

This great crystal for confidence is incredibly handy for keeping negativity at bay and maintaining my inner focus. Whether you wear it as jewelry or keep it in your pocket, Black Tourmaline acts as a shield, allowing you to navigate social interactions with strength and clarity.

black tourmaline bracelet


4.) Blue Lace Agate

Just like Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate is all about enhancing communication. If you struggle to get out of your comfort zone, speak up for yourself, or feel anxious in networking or social situations, this powerful stone can offer needed support. 

How to use Blue Lace Agate:

To calm your nerves and navigate the emotional roller coaster of social interactions, wear Blue Lace Agate as a bracelet or keep it in your pocket as a comforting touch.

Along with positive affirmation, this gem can help you communicate with confidence, smoothing out any rough edges and allowing your true self to shine through.

blue lace agate heart crystals for confidence


5.) Clear Quartz

I am not exaggerating when I say that I gush about this beautiful crystal for confidence in EVERY blog post about crystals – and why not?

Clear Quartz is the ultimate healer for a reason. Whatever blah you’re dealing with, trust in the vibes of your Clear Quartz buddy. With its connection to the crown chakra, a clear quartz can sweep away mental clutter, sharpening your focus, and transforming your lack of confidence.

How to use Clear Quartz:

As the master healer, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. So, if you decide Clear Quartz is your go-to crystal, choose a form that resonates with you — whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, or something entirely different. It’s all about feeling connected and letting its gentle energy uplift and support you in your journey.

clear quartz cluster


6.) Red Jasper

Ever find yourself paralyzed by self-doubt when it comes to making important decisions? Do you overthink and second-guess until you feel stuck? I know that feeling all too well!

To quiet those doubts, try Red Jasper. This perfect stone of strength boosts self-confidence, helping you clear mental clutter and take decisive actions that align with your heart. 

How to use the Red Jasper: 

For the best effect, keep Red Jasper close to your skin. Whether you wear it as a necklace or slip it on as a ring, make sure it’s with you throughout the day.

This intimate contact allows Red Jasper to work its magic on your root chakra, grounding you and empowering your decisions with courage and clarity.

7.) Orange Calcite

Let’s raise a glass to this crystal because it truly shines like sunshine in gem form. Orange Calcite has an energizing effect, much like the sun’s rays on your nervous system, increasing your vitality and filling you with optimism. It’s perfect for boosting self-worth and radiating positivity to those around you.

How to use Orange Calcite:

This crystal demands to be seen, and you can get creative with how you wear it. Whether around your neck, on your arm, as an anklet, or even as a fancy hairpiece or brooch — be as unique as the gem itself. Orange Calcite works best when placed around the head and sacral chakra.

orange calcit crystal


8.) Tiger’s Eye

You know how tigers are known for their power and strength? All of that applies to the Tiger’s Eye. This crystal for confidence really lives up to its name. It’s all about courage and personal empowerment, giving you raw, unshakable self-confidence when you need it most.

How to use Tiger’s Eye:

This gem is quite popular and comes in various shapes and forms. I love wearing it as a necklace because its rich brown hues perfectly match my vibe. But it also works perfectly as an eye-catching decorative piece at home.

Tiger’s Eye is there to infuse you with its bold energy and help you navigate life with fearless determination.

tiger's eye crystal towers


9.) Citrine

If you’re longing for abundance and childlike joy, Citrine is your perfect match. It clears away all those negative emotions, making space for self-confidence, clarity, and all the good vibes to flow freely.

How to use Citrine crystals:

When we think of abundance, our minds often jump to “money, money, money” (cue Abba’s voice). Keep a piece of Citrine in your wallet to attract positive energy.

Remember, though, abundance isn’t just about material wealth. It’s about richness in all aspects of life. If you like to meditate, place the Citrine around your solar plexus chakra and let it remind you to embrace joy, prosperity, and positivity in every way.

citrin crystals


10.) Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz crystal is a must-have on any list of crystals for confidence. It’s known as the stone of unconditional love and romantic vibes. More importantly, it opens your heart chakra and works against low self-esteem — both crucial when building confidence and heightening your energy levels.  

How to use Rose Quartz:

This gentle love stone works best as a pendant, allowing it to work its magic directly around your heart space. Wearing Rose Quartz close to your heart encourages compassion, love, and acceptance towards yourself.

girl wearing a rose quartz pendant


11.) Green Aventurin

This stone is a solid 10 out of 10. Green Aventurine attracts prosperity and great opportunities, but above all, it provides you with calm energy and boosts your confidence to new heights. It helps in those moments when you need to take a risk and believe in yourself.

How to use Green Aventurine: 

Risky moments or important meetings ahead? Challenge accepted! Holding this crystal in your pocket as a palm stone will help you tackle personal goals and reach your full potential.

green aventurin crystals


12.) Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz joins the ranks of the quartz family, bringing inner peace, harmony, and a deep connection with your higher self. It sets the stage for a daily life guided by compassion and confidence.

How to use a Spirit Quartz:

Personally, I love and recommend Spirit Quartz in its rough-cut form. It really makes the crystal’s magnetic side pop. Place it in your home and meditate with it to align your chakras and enhance your personal growth.

spirit quartz cluster


13.) Bloodstone

As the name suggests, Bloodstone is all about improving blood flow and energy circulation. It’s very useful when you’re feeling drained or exhausted.

Wearing this crystal regularly can help you understand yourself better, uncovering the root causes of your fatigue and boosting your confidence and self-acceptance in your daily routine. 

How to use Bloodstone:

Grab some Bloodstone tumble stones and tuck them into a small sachet to carry with you in your purse or pocket. During meditation, Bloodstone enhances courage and resilience, giving you strength during a difficult time or stressful situations.

Right Crystals for Confidence and Spiritual Growth

When it comes to confidence, we all have our own stories of struggle. The good thing is that we can find ways to work around it and improve.

And once we do, isn’t it an incredible feeling when confidence and that sense of empowerment flow effortlessly? It’s like walking down a runway, owning every step. Once you’ve experienced that feeling, you never want to let it go.

Remember, building confidence and positive thinking is a journey. Sometimes elusive, sometimes overflowing. A powerful crystal can be a wonderful companion along this journey. Get inspired by this list of crystals and embrace their protective properties.

Many thanks to Aquagems0711 for allowing me to use their images. If you’re into high-quality minerals, crystal sets in natural variations, and more, check out their awesome webshop and find your favorite crystals.