Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: 6 Ways to Embrace the Viral Trend

In the ever-evolving world of aesthetics, we saw many come and go, but the Coastal Grandmother Trend is here to stay. This unique blend of nostalgia, humble elegance, and seaside charm is all over TikTok and other Social Media platforms, inspiring a wave of followers.

This blog post dives into the essence of the viral Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic and provides 6 tips on how you nail it successfully.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a grandmother or live in a seaside villa to incorporate this style into your life. Many influencers such as Lex Nicoletta are successful in embodying this trend with minimal effort but maximal vibe. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic so appealing.

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What Is the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic?

The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic is a timeless fusion of coastal elements and contemporary elegance. 

Similar to the Coastal Granddaughter lifestyle (yes, variations of this aesthetic are on the rise), it radiates the vibe of seaside living and old money in a discreet way and with a touch of vintage nostalgia and refined traditions.

It’s a nod to the old sophisticated way of life infused with the carefree spirit of living in a cozy cottage by the beach. The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic made its way into  various areas of life such as fashion, living and dining.

A popular icon of the Coastal Grandmother Trend is Diane Keaton. With her role as Erica Berry in the 2003 rom-com Something’s Gotta Give she is pretty much the epitome of this characteristic style.

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Key Elements of the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

Before we dive into the tips on how to successfully embody the Coastal Grandmother Trend, let’s first explore the key elements of this aesthetic.

    • Pastel Color Palette: To embrace the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic fashion-wise, opt for soothing nuances that remind of sunsets and beach cottages like sandy beige, soft blues, or warm whites as well as maritime motifs like sailor stripes. 
    • Vintage Vibe: Infuse your space with retro beachside souvenirs and decor pieces that evoke the sense of living by the coast.
    • Comfy Elegance: Whether it’s fashion or interior design, keep it casual and comfy with classic and high-quality pieces that convey the vibes and grace of coastal grandmothers.
    • Mindful Minimalism: The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic celebrates relaxation and cozy surroundings. Create nooks in your living space with soft blankets and cushions, and some candles. Prioritize self-care routines and let minimalsim pave the way to more inner peace.
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    6 Steps to Embody the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

    1.) High-Quality Wardrobe

    Infuse your wardrobe with finesse and invest in timeless and comfy combos like striped tops, white knit sweaters, and high-waisted shorts, button-downs or chinos for a classic look. Layering these pieces blends tradition with modern vibes.

    2.) Antique Interior Accents

    As mentioned above, the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic lives off of the nostalgic memories from the past. Decorate your space with vintage posters, old family photos, heirlooms, antique furniture, and nautical accents like seashells. Create a haven at home that helps transport you to the seaside landscapes.

    3.) Natural Beauty

    Opt for minimal makeup and embrace soft beachy waves for a natural look. Coastal Grandmothers have a simple approach to beauty and live by the less-is-more-rule. 

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    4.) Minimalistic Accessories

    Incorporate dainty jewelry, canvas totes, and oversized sunglasses into your collection of accessories. They will not only add flair to your outfit but also embody the overall minimalistic vibe of the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic.

    5.) Seizing Moments

    Capture your memories in a retro fashion by investing in a film camera. The charm of the Coastal Grandmother vibe is perfectly complemented by the grainy aesthetic of film photography.

    6.) Classic Culinary Creations

    Bring the trend into your kitchen by cooking typical coastal recipes from clam chowder, and stews to seafood pasta. Also, revive the ritual of afternoon tea time. Opt for elegant tea sets, and enjoy a variety of tea blends.

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    More Timeless Than Trendy

    The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic is all about the celebration of ageless elegance and traditions from the good old days. With just a few simple steps you can make this viral trend part of your daily routine and overall style. Whether in your wardrobe, or your home, let this blog post inspire you to infuse your life with the charm of beachside vibes.