44 Enchanting Taylor Swift Bracelet Ideas You’ll Adore

It feels like half of the world is enjoying the Eras Tour right now while the other half is mentally preparing for it. The UK and Europe leg of Taylor Swift’s Tour is upon us. This musical masterpiece of a concert has already blessed us with many beautiful moments and connecting traditions. One of them is the exchange of friendship bracelets.

And so, I searched the party (aka the internet and social media) for all the cutest Taylor Swift bracelet ideas to copy and recreate. Browse through this post and get bejeweled by sparkling and cute arm candy. From lyrics and iconic acronyms to Eras colors and unhinged quotes, this list covers it all and gives a ton of inspiration.

Many thanks to the lovely creators on TikTok for their amazing Taylor Swift bracelet ideas and creations that are featured in this post. This fandom is truly unmatched and beyond magical.

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Taylor Swift Bracelets With Song Lyrics

Let’s start the list of Taylor Swift bracelets with some lyric-inspired ones. These are my personal favorites I came across.

1.) Bad Blood

2.) Blank Space

3.) New Romantics

4.) Shake It Off

© @cheesepizza1111 via TikTok

5.) Reputation 

With a Special beading technique that incorporates symbols of each album you can create an extra layer of uniqueness to your Taylor Swift bracelets. This beaded snake highlights the Reputation Era.


© @mercuryspin via TikTok

6.) It’s Me, Hi 

When creating your Taylor Swift bracelet, consider playing with colors to accentuate words or metaphors.


© @pipeitupmommy via TikTok

7.) Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve

8.) To The Moon – To The Saturn 

Some of Taylor’s lyrics are ideal for making several bracelets to form a whole.

© @wildlybeaded via TikTok

9.) Meet Me at Midnight 

Little accents or symbols will make your Taylor Swift bracelets look extra cute. Like the tiny clock for the Midnights Era, for example.

midnights-taylor swift bracelet

© @amy.bassi via TikTok

Let’s explore more lyric-inspired Taylor Swift bracelets with cute details.

10.) Cowboy Like Me

11.) Champagne Problems

12.) Taylor Swift

13.) 1989

14.) Speak Now

15.) Maroon

© @amy.bassi via TikTok

16.) My Tears Ricochet

17.) Anti-Hero

18.) Betty

19.) The Lakes

© @dear__reader via TikTok

20.) Lover

This Taylor Swift bracelet is such a vibe. The Christmas lights are a cute detail referring to the lyrics.


© @wildlybeaded via TikTok

21.) Karma (Is a Cat)

Feel free to add your own signature to your Taylor Swift bracelets with different beading techniques. How adorable is this one in the shape of a cat?

karma- taylor swift bracelet

© @cathameliaa via TikTok

22.) London Boy

23.) Cruel Summer

24.) Lavender Haze

© @mercuryspin via TikTok

25.) Invisible String

The rich metaphorical storytelling in this wonderful song gives so many ideas for cute Taylor Swift bracelets.

With a combination of transparent beads and silver-colored details you can highlight the song’s meaning. Also the lyrics to “Invisible Strings” is beautifully captured in this golden bracelet.

invisible-string- taylor swift bracelet

© @amy.bassi via TikTok


© @wildlybeaded via TikTok

26.) Getaway Car


© @saminswiftieversion via TikTok

Taylor Swift Bracelets in Eras Colors

These Taylor Swift bracelet ideas are perfect for when you are running out of letters. Simply opt for beads in the color of each Era and string them up to your liking.

27.) Lover

28.) Midnights

29.) Speak Now

© @cheesepizza1111 via TikTok

Taylor Unhinged + Eras Tour Errors

We’ve got many golden moments during the Eras Tour – some of them happened to be errors but worth remembering anyway. Also, Taylor Swift had some unhinged moments we need to immortalize on a friendship bracelet.

30.) Sapphire tears on *Myspace*

This messed-up line proved Taylor to be a true millennial. And we love her for that. Ultimately, this gave us a new idea for a bracelet.

sapphire tears on myspace

© @marsz22 via TikTok

31.) I Swallowed A Bug

32.) I Put This On Wrong

© @cheesepizza1111 via TikTok

33.) I’m Not Asleep – My Mind Is Alive

Another iconic quote perfect for a double Taylor Swift bracelet. Inspired by a vulnerable moment but it made us all laugh, herself included.


© @eliza_flynn27 via TikTok

34.) YES, Whale!


© @pipeitupmommy via TikTok

Taylor Swift Acronyms

Some lyrics are too long to fit on a single bracelet. But don’t worry, Swifties are pros in creating acronyms! Here are some to make your Taylor Swift bracelets pop.

35.) You’re On Your Own Kid 

36.) Death By A Thousand Cuts

37.) F The Patriarchy Keychain On The Ground

© @cheesepizza1111 via TikTok

38.) Look What You Made Me Do

lwymmd-taylor swift bracelet

© @amy.bassi via TikTok

More Taylor Swift Bracelet Ideas

Let’s get inspired by other memorable chants, or altered lyrics that are too iconic, not to be remembered on a Taylor Swift bracelet.

39.) Taylor You’ll Be Fine

40.) 1,2,3 LGB

I love the internet and its power to turn a simply freestyled line into a collective chant.

© @eliza_flynn 27 via TikTok

41.) Karma Is The Guy On The Chief’s

It was THE jaw-dropping moment of the Eras Tour so far. Needless to say it deserves to be captured on a Taylor Swift bracelet.


© @rooobbbiii via TikTok

42.) Starbucks Lovers

Why is it that misheard lyrics are always more iconic than the original? We all know the actual line to this song, and yet everyone keeps saying Starbucks Lovers.

starbucks-lover- taylor swift bracelet

© @saminswiftieversion via TikTok

43.) Show + Date

This Taylor Swift bracelet idea is super easy to make and will be a personal, timeless remembrance.

Eras tour bracelet idea

© @mercuryspin via TikTok

44.) In My Eras Era

Want to know my favorite part about trading friendship bracelets during the Eras Tour?

One day we will come across a little box that we have carefully stashed in the far corner of our closet filled with all the colorful Taylor Swift bracelets. They will take us back to a moment in life that made us feel happy and connected – moments that made us laugh, cry, and simply enjoy ourselves.

And we will marvel, with big smiles on our faces, upon the precious keepsakes, each one connected to a song, a story, a person, and most importantly to our personal Eras era!

in my eras era bracelet

© @courtb0mb via TikTok

So Make the Friendship Bracelets …

Needless to say, this list could go on for evermore, but I just make a cut here and hope you’ve got a ton of inspiration. These Taylor Swift bracelet ideas will make trading all the more fun, whether you go to the Eras Tour or not.

They also serve as perfect gifts for various celebrations like Christmas, birthdays, or costume parties.

Each of these bracelets tells a unique story, just like the albums in Taylor’s musical journey. Wear them with pride, or share them with other Swifties, and let the magic of her lyrics be with you wherever you go.