Lammas Celebration: 10 Rituals to Honor Harvest and Abundance

This blog post provides a guide to an unforgettable Lammas celebration with simple rituals.

There is a point during summer when we can’t deny the feeling of waning warmth and start to see the first hints of autumn. The breeze begins to feel chillier, we feel the growing need to settle down, and the overall sense of bidding farewell to summer soon sets in. 

This is the perfect time for a Lammas celebration. Lammas is all about gratitude and abundance, an ancient holiday filled with tradition and a touch of magic. This blog post will dive into 10 awesome rituals to help you celebrate this special time and connect with the natural world.

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What is Lammas (Lughnasadh)?

These days, with our lives ruled by artificial schedules, it’s easy to miss the subtle shifts in the seasons. But if we take a moment to really look, it’s amazing to work with these changes.

Lammas marks the peak of summer but also signals the pivot to autumn. Nature is already taking small steps to prepare for the darker half of the year. But before that, it offers us the opportunity to become aware of the bounty of the season.

Also known as Lughnasadh, this festival falls midway between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox and is traditionally celebrated on August 1st.

The name “Lammas” comes from the Old English “hlafmaesse,” which means “loaf mass,” because people used to bake the first loaves of the season and bless them. Back in the day, people would collect and prepare everything they needed for winter.

Now, I know many of us who live in cities might think, “Harvest? How am I supposed to do that in the concrete jungle?” But at Lammas, harvesting isn’t just about gathering grain, fruits, and veggies.

Consider what you’ve achieved so far this year. What projects have you started? What goals have you reached? It’s a moment to show appreciation and gratitude for everything this year has brought us, even the challenges, as they made us grow and evolve.

Plus, Lammas is all about community. People gather, share, and feast. In our busy, modern world, taking time to honor these ancient traditions can give us a chance to connect on a deeper level.

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Lammas Celebration Around the Globe

If you’ve been following my posts on pagan holidays, you know I love exploring how they are celebrated in different cultures. To me, it is fascinating how each place puts its own spin on the season’s bounty.

Lughnasadh (Ireland):

Known for its tongue-twister of a name, this lively celebration features feasts, bonfires, dancing, and games. It’s also a time for handfasting ceremonies, adding a bit of romance to the festivities.

Lammas (USA):

In Neopagan communities, Lammas is a time for coming together with delicious potluck parties, rituals under the open sky, and many creative activities. 

Ferragosto (Italy):

Over in Italy, Ferragosto on August 15th is a big deal, blending ancient Roman roots with modern celebrations of harvest and fertility. People fire up their grills or pack picnic baskets to enjoy the peak of summer. 

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Kräftskiva (Sweden): 

While not exactly a Lammas tradition, the Swedes have Kräftskiva — a crayfish party in August to say goodbye to summer. Imagine families and friends gathering outdoors, dining on crayfish by lantern light, and singing late into the night – sounds like bliss, doesn’t it?

These celebrations remind us how universal themes of harvest and gratitude are, each culture adding its own flavor to the mix. It’s a beautiful way to appreciate the earth’s bounty and the joy of gathering with loved ones. 

10 Simple Rituals for a Memorable Lammas Celebration

1.) Baking Bread

Traditionally, Lammas is a time to bake a loaf of bread from the grains you’ve harvested. Try making it from scratch using local ingredients, and get creative with additions like berries, nuts, and more.

For an extra adventurous touch, consider grinding your own flour. Sharing your homemade loaf with friends or neighbors can make your Lammas celebration even more fulfilling.

making a loaf for lammas


2.) Making Flower Bouquets

Pick your favorite flowers and let your creativity flow by putting together a beautiful bouquet or wreath. Gathering and arranging flowers gets you outdoors, where you can really soak in the peak of summer and admire the beauty of nature. Flowers that capture the vibe of Lammas can be sunflowers or marigolds.

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3.) Show Gratitude

With Lammas marking the time of year when we reflect on and express gratitude for everything we’ve accomplished. Create a ritual by jotting down all the blessings you’ve encountered this year. This practice can help uplift your spirits and gather strength for the upcoming winter months.

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4.) Harvest Your Garden

No Lammas celebration is complete without harvesting the gifts of nature. If you have a garden, now is the perfect time to gather all your greens. It’s believed that herbs harvested during this time possess special healing powers because they’ve absorbed the sun’s energy.

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5.) Host a Home-Grown Dinner 

If you’re harvesting your first crops, why not enjoy them right away? Harness the energy of abundance by hosting a gathering with friends and family, complete with a delicious homemade feast. Imagine a hearty veggie stew or fresh berry muffins. Whatever you serve, make it about coming together and appreciating each other’s company.

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6.) Pickling Fruits and Vegetables

As we fill our baskets with fresh veggies, herbs, and fruits during Lammas, it’s important to remember that the harvest is about preparing for the winter months ahead.

During this special time, fruits of nature were traditionally preserved and stocks were created. Take advantage of this moment and pickle your cucumbers or make delicious jams that you can enjoy in the coming months.

pickling cucumbers


7.) Craft a Corn Doll

Crafting your own corn doll involves using dried husks as a symbol of the harvest spirit. This creative Lammas celebration is perfect for a family ritual. Here’s a great tutorial on how to craft your corn doll.

8.) Make Herbal Sachets

Gather herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme to create aromatic sachets. Place them around your home to enjoy the essence of Lammas all season long. For an extra touch of magic, add crystals such as sunstone, citrine, garnet, or carnelian that resonate with the spirit of abundance. These herbal sachets also make lovely handmade gifts for friends during this plentiful time of year.

herbs from the garden


9.) Go for a Walk

Like every pagan holiday, connecting with nature takes center stage. A mindful walk in a park or woods can work wonders for your body, mind, and soul. Make it a goal to observe and appreciate the bounty of nature around you. Collect items like leaves, seeds, and stones that you can later use to decorate your home or add to your altar.

growing grains


10.) Peek Into the Future

Take advantage of the powerful energy of Lammas with a little divination ritual. Whether you prefer using a pendulum, tarot cards, or meditation, let your intuition guide you.

Use this time to reflect on and plan your next steps in both your personal and professional life, focusing on what you want to bring into fruition in the coming months.

divination with tarot cards


What Will You Harvest on Lammas?

A Lammas celebration is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Earth and harvest the abundance we have. It might seem odd to focus on harvest when we can easily buy everything year-round at the supermarket, but maybe that’s exactly why we should appreciate nature’s gifts more.

Take this year’s Lammas as a time to tune into your body and mind, preparing for the months ahead with gratitude, joy, and mindfulness.