Ostara Celebration: 21 Magical Rituals to Welcome Spring

Wondering how to have a great Ostara celebration? Here are 21 easy rituals and traditions.

It’s time to shake off the winter blues and embrace the returning beauty of spring! As nature awakens from its slumber, we welcome the enchanting celebration of Ostara.

It is one of the eight Sabbats in the Wiccan Calendar, also known as the spring equinox. From now on, vibrant colors, blossoming flowers, and longer, brighter days are ahead. This is a time to revel in the joy of life and to renew our energy and happiness.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the magic of the spring equinox and share 21 ways for a wonderful Ostara celebration.

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What Is Ostara/ Spring Equinox?

As part of the pagan Wheel of the Year, Ostara embodies the restoring balance between light and darkness and is celebrated between March 19 – 23. Astrologically, this day also marks the beginning of spring.

The word “Ostara” has its roots in Old English and comes from the Germanic goddess Eostre. She is a symbol of the renewal of life after winter, fertility, and the rising sun. Her symbolic animal is the hare, which also represents birth and prosperity.

Eostra, the goddess, feels like a twin to the Queen of Pentacles from tarot. They’re both about fertility, abundance, and that nurturing motherly vibe, deeply rooted in earth’s bounty. Oh, and notice the hare in the tarot card’s corner? Another sweet connection between these ladies.

woman holding queen of pentacles tarot card in front of a wall

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On the day of Spring Equinox, day and night are equally long, making balance an important theme during this time of the year. Various cultures value the traditional Ostara celebration with rituals and traditions to welcome new beginnings and light.

Why Celebrate Ostara?

Ostara isn’t just a date on the calendar. It marks a significant shift of energies. As nature awakens, so does the creative force within us. The Ostara celebration fosters community and invites personal reflection within the changing seasons.

It is a wonderful time to become more aware of your goals and start working on a plan to achieve them. During this time, it’s important to focus on strengthening and nourishing your body. You can use your reawakened powers and increased serotonin levels to make your dreams a reality.

woman in a white dress walking in a stream with a floral crown celebrating spring equinox

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Ostara Celebration Around the World

Let’s take a ride around the globe to look at some magical traditions and rituals similar to the Ostara celebration. 

Holi (India):

Have you ever witnessed a Holi celebration? If not, make it a point on your bucket list! Celebrated on March 25 and known as the Festival of Colors, people throw vibrant powders to welcome the arrival of spring. The pictures of Holi celebrations speak for themselves, they are just breathtaking.

people celebrating Holi festival and throwing colorful powder

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Hanami (Japan):

Cherry blossoms, also called Sakura in Japanese, take center stage during Hanami, where people gather to appreciate the fleeting beauty of these delicate flowers. They bloom from late March to early May and are a perfect opportunity to spend a peaceful and reflective time in nature.

Nowruz (Iran):

Nowruz, known as the Persian New Year, takes place on March 21 and marks the vernal equinox. The focus of the 13-day-long celebrations is on the renewal of nature and the triumph of light over darkness.

People start preparing for Nowruz with a major spring-cleaning of their homes. On Nowruz, families and friends gather to share meals and sweets, and jump over bonfires to honor the spirits of the dead.

Another beautiful Nowruz tradition is the preparation of a so-called Haft-sin table, where 7 things starting with the letter S are collected, like Sabze (wheat, barley, etc.), Serke (Vingear), Sumac (a spice popular in Middle Eastern cooking). Candles, mirrors, or eggs also find a place on the table.

nowruz celebration

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Anthesteria (Greece):

This ancient festival honors Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility, with flower offerings and rituals. During Anthesteria, people celebrate the beginning of spring, particularly the maturing of the wine and acknowledge the divine presence in nature.

Martenitsa (Bulgaria):

At this festival, Bulgarians exchange red and white thread dolls or pendants for seven days from March 1st, to welcome the arrival of spring and wish each other good health.

The dolls serve as a talisman for health and long life, and the colors symbolize different things: red for red cheeks and white for white hair and old age.

People usually wear these dolls as bracelets or pin them to their clothes until the first signs of spring appear, such as a stork, a swallow, or a flowering tree. After that, and by April 1st at the latest, they hang the dolls on a tree or put them under a stone and make a wish.

Although some of these celebrations may not occur on the exact date of Ostara, they still share similarities with the themes of the season, such as renewal, rebirth, and regeneration.

All of them include magical customs and traditions that honor the beginning of spring. When incorporating practices from other cultures, take a moment to learn about the context, meanings, and intentions behind each ritual. This honors the roots of the practice and ensures that you’re engaging with it in a meaningful and respectful way.

21 Rituals for a Great Ostara Celebration

1.) Planting Eggshells

Eggs are a well-known symbol of fertility and are significant for the time around the spring equinox. A wonderful ritual to embrace the energy of growth and renewal is by writing down your wishes on eggshells and planting them beneath a new seedling. As the bulbs grow they will help your intentions come to fruition and bloom.

hands holding soil

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2.) Meditation With Crystals

With a quiet meditation, you can center yourself and tune in to the quality of springtime. To round off your Ostara celebration, you can integrate healing stones into your meditation practice.

Crystals associated with Ostara typically embody qualities of renewal, growth, and balance, aligning with the energy of the spring equinox.

Depending on which energies you want to invite into your life, different crystals can be used: A Green Aventurine for vitality and abundance, Citrin for joy and creativity, Moonstone for intuition and emotional balance, and Aquamarine for clarity.

crystal meditation as an Ostara celebration

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3.) Making Honey Mead

Mead, an alcoholic drink made from fermented honey, is often referred to as the “nectar of the gods”. It has been an essential part of Ostara celebrations for centuries.

By brewing mead during Ostara, you engage in a hands-on ritual that connects you with the cycles of nature but also infuses your creation with the energies of spring.

The fermenting process mirrors the growth and expansion of life during this season. If you want to try making your own honey wine, here is a great step-by-step tutorial to follow.

self-made honey mead as an ostara celebration

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4.) Embroidery

Embroidery as an Ostara celebration ritual is a very creative way to connect with the season. Choose colors of spring, such as vibrant greens, soft pastels, and earthy tones, to infuse your work with the energy of rebirth and vitality.

Whether you embroider symbols of fertility, flowers, or animals associated with Ostara, this practice will get you in the mood for the coming springtime. 

an embroidered cotton sachet for ostara

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5.) Altar for Your Ostara Celebration

As with every sabbat of the pagan calendar, you can also create an altar for Ostara with offerings to various deities, like Eostre, Persephone, or Isis.

Make sure to include items that resonate with you and your intentions for the season. Include essentials that represent the elements, for example, feathers and mushrooms to balance earth and air. Crystals, chalices, cauldrons, incense, and candles can also not be missed on your Ostara altar and will complement your Spring Equinox rituals.

an altar for ostara celebration with candles, crystals and a chalice

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6.) Rune Eggs

Another magical idea to include in your Ostara celebration is the creation of rune eggs. The process is quite simple.

Begin by selecting eggs dyed in vibrant colors. Then, inscribe each egg with a runic symbol representing your wishes and intentions for the season ahead. As you write each rune onto the eggshell, visualize your desires.

You can display your rune eggs on your Ostara altar as powerful talismans that will enhance the energy of your spring equinox ritual and support you on your journey of growth.

colorful rune eggs for ostara celebration

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7.) Honor the Sun

The return of light plays a central role during the Spring Equinox. So it makes perfect sense to honor the sun in a variety of ways during this time.

Expose yourself to the sunlight first thing in the morning, or wear pastel colors like yellow or a sunstone pendant. You can get creative and paint the sun on a canvas or practice a powerful sun salutation. Anything sun-related can be integrated into your Ostara celebration as a way to embrace the return of light.

people practicing the sun salutation during yoga

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8.) Ostara Spell Jar

Harness the energies of the spring equinox with a self-made Ostara spell jar. Cleanse a jar with water or incense and fill it halfway with salt for extra purification. Add spices and herbs of your choice, for example, rose petals for love, lavender for peace, dill, and cinnamon for prosperity or financial abundance.

For a little extra magic, write your wishes on small pieces of paper and put them in the spell jar along with your favorite crystal. Seal your spell jar and place it on your Ostara altar or in a prominent place in your home as a powerful reminder of the magic and potential of the season.

a spell jar with clear crystals and herbs for ostara

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9.) Making Incense Bundles

Many Spring Equinox rituals involve practical activities that allow you to connect with nature’s abundance and your creativity.

One such activity is creating your own incense blends or bundles. You can make custom spring incense by using herbs like lavender, rosemary, and jasmine. This will help bring a fresh and clean atmosphere to your surroundings.

incense for ostara

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10.) Nature Walk

Another low-maintenance Ostara celebration is an extended nature walk. As you take a stroll, pay attention to the awakening of nature and observe the budding life around you.

forest walking for ostara

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11.) Nature Art Offerings 

As you embark on your mindful nature walk, consider placing temporary art offerings on the ground. Begin by gathering whatever natural materials you find, such as flowers, leaves, branches, and stones, from your surroundings.

Use these elements to create temporary art installations or mandalas, aligning with the energy of the season. Once your artwork is complete, take a moment to meditate or reflect on its symbolism and then allow your creation to return to the earth.

It’s a wonderful way to honor the cycle of giving and receiving in harmony with the season.

a spiral in nature made from pebbles

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12.) Craft a Flower Crown

Embrace your inner flower child by crafting a crown of blossoms. Make the crown a personal symbol of the beauty within and around you and wear it proudly to embody the spirit and magic of your Ostara celebration. 

13.) Ostara Tarot Spread

What could be a better way to connect with the energy of spring than performing a mindful divination ritual? You can use your favorite tarot deck to do an Ostara spread and get insights into the current energy surrounding you. This will help you receive guidance for the upcoming months.

woman reading tarot spread for ostara celebration

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14.) Ostara Celebration With Green Candles

Light a green candle and set positive intentions for spring. It’s a simple yet powerful way to infuse your space with positive energy and honor the balance of light and darkness, which is a central theme of the spring equinox.

a green candle

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15.) Sow a Wildflower and Herb Garden

As many of the Spring Equinox rituals involve taking care of mother nature, here is another wonderful tip on how to support her awakening.

You can scatter wildflower seeds in your garden or a dedicated outdoor space to contribute to flourishing biodiversity. Some typical herbs or flowers to sow for Ostara are nettles, violets, mint, dandelions, daffodils, or crocuses.

a lush green garden with wildflowers

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16.) Blessings of Pets and Animals

Not only nature but also our furred friends can be lovingly involved in our Ostara celebration. Offer treats, blessings, and affection to your pets, acknowledging the importance of the connection of all living beings.

a baby goat on a green lush field

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17.) Full Moon Dance

Gather your loved ones for a full moon dance ritual surrounded by nature’s beauty. Find a serene outdoor location where you can move to the rhythm of your favorite tunes while feeling the earth beneath your feet. It’s a magical way to connect with lunar energy and encourages everyone to express themselves freely.

woman dancing under a full moon as an ostara celebration

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18.) Pick up Garbage 

Giving something back to nature doesn’t always have to involve a super spiritual gesture. For a simple yet effective Ostara celebration, gather friends, family, and neighbors for a garbage pick-up rally in local parks and nature trails. By taking action to care for the Earth, you contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

picking up garbage as a meaningful ritual for ostara celebration

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19.) Honor Your Inner Child

As we celebrate Ostara this year, I invite you to reflect on what you enjoyed as a child and actively relive those joys. Was it coloring, blowing bubbles, or playing outdoor games? Did you enjoy reading or dancing?

Whatever it was, give it your attention and time! Set aside any responsibilities or worries for a while and allow yourself to be fully present. Honoring the inner child during Ostara is a beautiful way to reconnect with innocence, joy, and lightheartedness as we welcome the arrival of spring.

a child blowing bubbles in nature

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20.) Healing and Renewal Scrub

Make it part of your Ostara celebration to take care of your body with a nurturing handmade scrub. Use sugar and a pinch of pink salt as a base for your scrub and mix it with essential oils of your choice, like peppermint or grapefruit. Add coconut oil for nourishment and use the healing scrub for your next shower or bath.

a handmade body scrub for ostara

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21.) Ostara Celebration With Herbal Soup

Use the sprouting herbs of the season to prepare a delicious herbal soup. Select a variety of fresh herbs known for their cleansing and revitalizing properties, such as parsley, dill, cilantro, and chives, and combine them with other seasonal vegetables like carrots, broccoli, spinach, and spring onions to create a flavorful Ostara meal.

a nourishing green soup for ostara celebration

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How Will You Celebrate Ostara? 

Dive into the magic of the Spring Equinox and invite the energy of new beginnings, hope, growth, and balance into your life.

The listed ideas for your Ostara celebration not only connect you with ancient wisdom but also inspire you to celebrate the power of the season attuned to your values.

Happy Spring Equinox, and may your Ostara be filled with joy and a touch of enchantment!