4 Simple Tarot Spreads for Love and Relationships

This blog post provides a quick overview of how to perform easy tarot spreads for love.

Regarding tarot readings and divination, one topic that always captivates us is love. Some of us are searching for it, some have it but aren’t sure where it’s going, and others just want more clarity about their current relationships.

Whatever makes your mind wander around love, your tarot cards can help you gain the insight you need.

During my tarot journey, I found that the fewer cards I pulled, the more precise my readings became. But that is just my take on it. There are so many tarot spreads for love and relationships out there that listing them all would literally have no end.

However, I believe in keeping things simple and making tarot accessible for everyone, especially beginners. So, here are my favorite tarot spreads for love and gaining more clarity in your love life or current relationships.

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Tips When Doing a Tarot Reading for Love

Before I share my favorite tarot spreads for love, let’s take a moment to go over some important tips for approaching a love reading as a newbie psychic or medium.

  • Enhance Your Tarot Deck With Energy and Intention

When you’re diving into a tarot reading, whether it’s for yourself or someone else, the first step is to shuffle the cards with your intentions and questions in mind.

However, when I do a love tarot reading, I like to enhance the energy with additional tools. For example, I’ll place a rose quartz crystal — great for love and the heart chakra — next to my tarot spread.

Sometimes I’ll light up some rose-scented incense to clear the energy and give the cards a boost. You can also try using essential oils or playing some uplifting music to set the mood. The key is to find what vibes best with you and your client and go with that.


  • Don’t Manipulate 

When it comes to love readings, there’s usually someone else’s energy involved besides the person asking the questions. It’s important to be mindful of this.

Personally, I prefer not to delve deeply into other people’s business during my clients’ readings because it feels like stepping into their personal space.

While you may gain insight into how this person influences your client, it’s crucial to set boundaries when making predictions about others. Let your clients know about these boundaries upfront to avoid any confusion. Remember, tarot readings are all about gaining clarity on your own path, not those of others.


  • Be Sensitive to Your Clients’ Feelings

When it comes to love readings, emotions run high. As a tarot reader, it’s essential to remember this. You never know how deeply love might affect the person sitting across from you. They could be head over heels, full of hopes, or going through heartbreak.

Always be prepared for these possibilities and approach matters of the heart with empathy and sensitivity.

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Best Tarot Spreads for Love

1.) The Little (Love) Cross

Let’s kick off with a classic universal cross spread tailored for love. This tarot love spread is super easy to learn. After shuffling your cards, pull out 4 cards and place them like you see in the image.

The first tarot card reveals the core issue or current state of your love life. The second card provides insights into potential challenges or obstacles you may encounter. The third card offers guidance on actions you can take to enhance your love life. Finally, the fourth card offers a glimpse into the potential future of your relationship.

Bonus: I love adding an oracle card right in the middle of the little cross. It gives a broad energy that wraps around the whole reading and situation. This card often adds extra layers of insight and acts like a guide through the love reading.

little cross spread tarot layout for beginners

2.) You-And-Me Love Spread

When it comes to love tarot spreads, it really can’t get simpler than this. For a quick, energetic clarity on you and your spouse or crush, just pull two cards.

The first card represents you — your feelings and how you perceive the relationship. The second card represents your partner and their perspective on the relationship.

It’s a straightforward tarot spread that gives fast answers and shows how well your energies and emotions align right now.

you and me card spread tarot layout for beginners

3.) Basic Three Card Tarot Spread

To expand on the You-and-Me Love Spread, simply pull a third card and place it next to the second one. This additional card provides more insight into how the feelings of both parties influence the relationship. It offers valuable information on the potential future of your relationship.

three card spread tarot layout for beginners

4.) Heart Spread

Another really effective spread is the Heart Spread, especially great for beginners exploring tarot readings about relationships.

As the name suggests, it’s almost shaped like a heart, which is perfect for diving deep into the emotional side of your relationship.

The first two cards represent your and your partner’s emotional states, showing how each of you feels about the relationship. The third card reveals any challenges you might be facing together emotionally. The fourth card highlights your strengths as a couple, showing what makes your bond strong. And the fifth card gives a glimpse into where your emotions might lead your relationship in the future.

heart spread tarot layout for beginners

All of these layouts serve as quick tarot spreads for love that are easy to perform and provide accurate insights.

If you feel like it, you can always pull more cards to get extra details and add them to your love tarot spreads. You can turn any tarot spread into a love reading by focusing your questions on love-related topics.

But I’ve found the ones mentioned before very helpful, especially for beginners. They keep the reading simple with just a few cards, giving you a quick overview without overwhelming you with too much to interpret.

If you’re an advanced tarot reader and deeply intuitive with your deck, I encourage you to create your own spread. You’ll know how and when the cards speak to you best. Use your creativity and pair it with your psychic abilities to tailor a spread that resonates uniquely with you.

easy tarot love spreads for beginners

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Understanding Relationship Dynamics With Tarot

So, what are your thoughts after reading this blog post? I hope you feel inspired, whether you’re just starting with tarot or have years of experience.

Exploring love and relationships through tarot can be truly exciting and enlightening. Take the simple spreads from this post as a starting point and feel empowered to experiment with more complex layouts that resonate with your intuition in the future.

Remember, the most important thing is to trust your instincts and let the cards lead you to deeper insights and understanding.